Austin and Aaron Rhodes, the gay twins also known as the Rhodes Bros, are popular YouTubers who first gained international fame with their coming out video.

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In their new video, Austin and Aaron are going to help you with your first date – with their list of tips that’ll help you make it safe and memorable.

Rhodes Bros instagram
The Rhodes Bros [Photo: Instagram]

The Rhodes twins are only 21-years-old, but they already have some experience dating. “I get the biggest anxiety when it comes to going on a first date”, Aaron explains. “So we thought through all those problems that you have on a first date, and the tips that we have from experience.”

Among the things they talk about in the video:

  • Make sure to google the person and figure out who is, so he doesn’t kidnap you. “You have to assume the worst!”
  • Stalk their social media accounts! But don’t judge someone completely off his social media account – we’ve all done embarrassing things.
  • Make sure you are giving off a good first impression by smelling good, brushing your teeth and washing up.

Watch the full video right here: