Despite what you see in American films, or gay porn, college fraternities aren’t usually places with scary hazing rituals – OR places with constant same-sex orgies.

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Still, can you come out of the closet in a place like that – especially when you’re… the president?

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That’s the question bothering this guy on Reddit, who is in his senior year, is president of his fraternity – and is contemplating whether it’s time for him to come out as gay to them.

“I’m the president of my fraternity with about 50 brothers, and maybe 7 or 8 guys in my fraternity probably know I fuck guys because I’ve brought guys back to the house and the walls are kinda thin. But I haven’t explicitly told anyone I was gay.

My term as president ends this semester and I can’t decide if I want to come out or not seeing as I’ve spent 3 years in the closet.

I was thinking maybe I could come out when my term ends but at that point I don’t even know if it would be worth it since its my senior year.

Most of my brothers I don’t think would actually care, I just don’t want to make a scene and do something embarrassing. (Also a little more than half of the fraternity is on the football team)”

The commenters were quick to offer some advice –

Then don’t make it a big deal. Next time they make you talk about women just say in a slightly exasperated tone, “Guys, I know I’ve been misleading, but I’m not interested in girls.

“I don’t to make it a big deal, but this isn’t easy to say after being closeted for three years. I just want to be able to freely hook up with dudes without making y’all wonder wtf is going on.”

And of course…

– Half the fraternity is on the football team.
That’s a large dating pool for you then, huh?