If you haven’t been to a college fraternity (either because you’re not from the U.S., or you haven’t been to college), you probably have two images of it in your mind – a scary, violent, hazing-filled place – or a place filled with same-sex orgies and beer (which means you’re watching too much porn). But what’s it REALLY like for gay guys in a fraternity?

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Frat boys tell what it was like - Dallas
Photo: Buzzfeed / Youtube

Buzzfeed have gathered some gay guys who were in a fraternity in college, to hear about their experiences.

Turns out, it’s not as bad as you might think – though, it can get weird. “One of the questions they asked me”, one of the guys tells in the video, “…If you could have sex with any cartoon character, who would it be?”

But mostly they had a good time there:

I told my pledge educator that I was gay and he was like – we know… and we don’t care.

I definitely had reservations that they would feel weird that now I’m going to try to hookup with every single one of them, which is such a ridiculous fear.

Being around a bunch of straight guys in a fraternity helped me become more comfortable with my sexuality.

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