Pietro Boselli, the Italian model who started out as a maths teacher, is always stunning. But you know what’s even more stunning? Pietro Boselli when he’s naked, out in the desert. And that’s exactly what we got this week…

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Pietro Boselli mykonos
Photo: Instagram

This isn’t the first time 31-year-old Pietro gets naked on Instagram, and not the first time he gets naked outside, but hey, we’ll take what we can get!

Pietro and his photographer friend Mariano Vivanco were at the Joshua Tree national park in California, where Pietro – for whatever reason! – took all his clothes off. The result? There you go (don’t forget to swipe)

Where is running to? While naked? Maybe we’ll never know…

For know, he’s some more recent Pietro hotness –


And in his undies, because why not –


Some more muscles –

We’ll keep updating you on those, ehm, muscles.

(Because there are some things we just need to know – like math…)