We’re always thrilled when we get to see a hot YouTuber/Model/Actor for the first time – and that’s how we felt when we found out about Ben Butler. You’ll soon see – and understand – why.

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Ben Butler shirtless

You might remember Ben Butler from the video we showed you a few months ago, where Ben and YouTuber Joey Gentile read raunchy Grindr messages (Good news – the two are now boyfriends!).

Now, it’s time to take a closer look at Ben. He’s an Instagrammer who grew up in Chicago, and a YouTuber, and he’s about to star in a movie called Facade.

And yes, he’s hot. Here’s how we know:

2. Hot Cop


3. Those eyes…

4. Those eyes AND those abs…

5. With his boyfriend Joey

6. Out in the woods

7. We’re out of words

8. Pool time!

9. Kitchen time?

10. Yes, sometimes he wears clothes

11. But we’re happier when he doesn’t


And finally – here’s a video of him getting oiled up. By his aunt.

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