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We’re so happy British boy-band star and radio host George Shelley came out last year – not only for his own well-being, but also because now, we get to see him with his equally hot boyfriend Matthew Holehouse, as the two don’t have to hide.

George Shelley and Matthew Holehouse

George Shelley is a 23-year-old former British reality TV star, a former boy-band member (“Union J”), and radio host. His boyfriend, Matthew Holehouse, is a university student and model.

Whether it’s their recent vacation to Costa Rica (which also provided us with that mystery-nude photo), or just goofing around in London, the two have been sharing some adorable (and sexy) photos and videos on their social media channels.

Here are some of the best ones.

1. The photo that “outed” their relationship

2. On their way to Costa Rica

3. Some morning coffee

4. Having fun at the beach

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5. Cake by the ocean

6. Wet wet wet

7. Goofing around

8. Enjoying the view

9. Fun at the beach again

10. No shirts allowed while on vacation

11. So hot, you might cause a forest fire

12. Here’s what Matthew looks like up close

13. Back to Costa Rica… licking each other, because why not

14. Keep having fun, boys!