“Every-time I go to the bathroom to masturbate now, I’m thinking ‘Oh gosh, I’m sinning and I’m going to hell'” – That’s what happened to poor YouTuber Daniel X Miller, after his very strict father caught him masturbating as a teenager.

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Daniel Miller is a popular gay YouTuber who’s been away for a while, but is thankfully back to making regular videos.

Having grown up with a very strict, religious family, he has plenty of stories to tell from those days (including the one about his mother sitting down to watch his… gay porn collection.)

“My father is a pastor and he’s really strict”, Daniel explains his his video. “We weren’t allowed to lock our bathroom doors – ever- even if we’re in there by ourselves. So they always just walked right in, they didn’t even knock.”


Which is what led to him being caught with his pants down, literally, while trying to masturbate in his bedroom.

I’m lying in my bed, and I pulled my pants and underwear the entire way down. I pulled the blanket over myself, and I’m getting in my zone, and 30 seconds later my father just blows through the door.

Hello! Can you help me with something? I need you in the garage. Get up right now from the bed and come out of your room.

Poor Daniel tried to stall for time at this point and grab his pants without his father noticing. “Sure, I’ll be there in a minute” – but his father wouldn’t budge. “Now! Can you get up right now?”

Eventually – and it took time – his father finally figured out what was going on, and walked out of the room.

But his response afterwards was even worse – and the most embarrassing thing ever. First, he went to consult Daniel’s MOTHER, because he was too embarrassed to handle this on his own.

Then, he finally confronted Daniel – telling him… “I saw you choking your chicken. And it’s a sin.”

Watch the full story right here:

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