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When this guy’s parents sent him to a Christian summer camp (a so-called “Jesus Camp”), they never expected it to end like THAT – meeting a guy, making out, and almost getting caught…

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This happened to this guy on Reddit, whose parents are both “super Catholic” – and they don’t know he’s gay.

“They sent me to the Jesus camp and I met this other guy and he’s super awesome and all.

We almost got caught making out at 4am while we were there. He was quick on his feet and turned it into like some awkward goodnight hug and they literally suspected nothing.

I’m sure neither of our parents were expecting this to come of the Jesus camp.

Judging from some of the comments, this isn’t a rare occurrence, in Christian camp or at least at a church, such as:

“I also have known many ‘church kids’ both gay and straight who were sexually active in church basement/Sunday school rooms while their parents were busy doing church business upstairs.”

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