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It’s no secret that overweight men often have a hard time in the gay community, having to bear insults and rejections, mostly on dating apps. But things can be different, and things can get sexy and positive.

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Overweight fat man on couch
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Which is what happened to this guy on Reddit, who was already used to those rejections. Recently, after a date, he was even told “call me in forty pounds.”

“For the record I am 25, 6’4″ and 235 lbs and I used to be 365”, the guy writes, setting the stage. “I had a random bout of confidence yesterday. After a guy messaged me back on Scruff I tell him that I can’t stand messaging and if he wants to get to know the real me and laugh his ass off, let’s just meet in person instead of wasting time. I ask if he wants to do that and he replies with, ‘I do =D’.”

That’s when things took a positive spin:

“We go to his place, eat pizza, and joke around on his bed. He gives me a massage and then I say I wanna loosen his muscles too, so he teaches me how to massage.

Then we start fooling around. At some point he says he really likes my body and I ask him what he likes about it (ack so cringe!).

He grabs my ass and replies, ‘You got a whole lotta ass and I love it. Most guys are flat-ass or have no ass.’

Boy did that get me going! I also really liked it when he said, ‘I like that you’re…untainted by…’ I’m still trying to figure out what he meant.

We finish fooling around and eat the rest of the pizza while cuddling and watching Justice League.

If you’re overweight, be proud of your ass ;-D “