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OOPS: Although TV series Outlander’s star Sam Heughan is pretty hot, and is occasionally naked on the series – it’s still not a porn show.

The subtitles for the show, however… did become porn, at least in Brazil. And Sam had something to say about that.

Sam Heughan outlander
Photo: Starz

Outlander,  a part historical part time-travelling drama, stars Caitriona Balfe as well as 37-year-old Scottish hottie Sam Heughan.

During an airing of a Season 3 episode in Brazil, the Portuguese subtitles for the show were accidentally taken from… a porn film, apparently. And so, Balfe was supposedly saying “Your cock is very big.”

A Scottish vlogger was quick to notice the error:

Sam Heughan himself also addressed the issue:

The only thing left to wonder – when Sam is asking whether “these vicious rumours” are true… is he referring to the cock size issue?

h/t: JustJared