While all eyes are on the Winter Olympics in South Korea, a former participant takes center stage – Blake Skjellerup, who competed for New Zealand at the 2010 Winter Olympics, wowed his fans by stripping down on Instagram.

Blake Skjellerup
Photo: YouTube

Blake Skjellerup is a 32-year-old speed skater from New Zealand, who took part in the 2010 Winter Olympics in Canada. Throughout his career, Blake has won five New Zealand national titles and broken many national records.

Back in 2010, he publicly came out as gay, and in 2011 was named as an ambassador to the 2014 Gay Games in Ohio.

Blake’s latest photo on Instagram, which is actually a throwback photo from 2011 taken by James Demitriwas posted both on Blake’s feed and the photographer’s. Observe:


We’re certainly impressed.

Mr man Taron

And if you want to know more about him, here’s a video of Blake speaking about competing while he was still in the closet: