“Y’all wanted nudes? You got ’em!” – that’s how Olympic skier Gus Kenworthy started his latest Instagram post – and he certainly delivered, sharing an image from his nude, in-the-snow photoshoot for ESPN’ Body Issue.

And in an interview with Good Morning America, Gus also reveals what his mom thought of these photos – and how he had to deal with the freezing-cold shrinkage issues.

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Photo: Instagram

Gus, the 25-year-old openly gay Olympic medallist, isn’t a stranger to taking his clothes off in front of the camera. Recently, he stripped down for a cheeky underwear campaign, but this time there’s no underwear – the only thing between us and, well, Gus’ everything – is some ski equipment.

In the caption for the photo, Gus explains how scary it all was.

“Everything about this shoot was terrifying: I had to be naked, on a ski mountain, standing in the snow posing in-front of a crew of 16 people for six hours!”

But he also says it turned out to be one of the “most amazing experiences” of his life.

In an interview with Good Morning America, Gus was asked whether his family was supportive of this naked shoot. “My mom said ‘you’re so brave’, which is maybe not the reaction I wanted.”

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The host then asks Gus about the freezing conditions – alluding, of course, to the shrinkage problem. “Did they have heaters?”, she asks – And Gus, laughing out loud and a bit embarrassed, answers:

“They had a robe that I could put on, but it was freezing. The photo editor had already prepped me and she was like, ‘Think about poses you can do to hide yourself. Think of creative ways to hide yourself.

I got out there in the cold and I was like, ‘Don’t worry, it’ll hide itself.”

Watch the interview right here: