When we write about Nick Sandell, the popular fitness model, it’s usually accompanied by a photo of his incredibly built body. But a throwback photo he posted today, shows the incredible journey he went through with his body – which didn’t always look like THAT…

Nick Sandell transformation
Photo: Instagram

Nick Sandell, the 23-year-old trainer and model, shared the photo on his Instagram feed, where he has more than 190,000 followers.

It’s unclear how old Nick was, when the “Before” photo was taken – but there’s no question about the BIG transformation his body went through.

“You can say my transformation was quite the journey”, Nick writes in the caption. “Getting started for me was the hardest part… But after years of schooling and applying everything I had learned- I have achieved my goals. My new goal is to motivate and inspire everyone to be the best they can.”

See it for yourself:


(We will quietly say – he was already good looking on the left photo as well!)

And of course, if you want some more reminders of what he looks like today – there’s no shortage of that…


And another one: