It should come as no surprise to our regular readers that we like Nick Sandell – and can you blame us?

Not only is the 23-year-old trainer and fitness model super-hot, he also keeps posting underwear-shots, putting his impressive bulge on display. What’s not to like?

Nick Sandell clothes overrated
Photo: Instagram

Of course, this isn’t the first time Nick posted an underwear shoot on Instagram. He already had some super-tight Calvin Klein’s on a while ago, and now he’s wearing a different model – but, of course, there’s nothing between him and his Calvins.

The caption says “Maybe someday I’ll be a real Calvin Klein model” – hey, we would pick you in a heartbeat.


And if you need a quick recap of his most recent photos…

And another, ehm, big one:

And yes – he looks just as good with clothes on: