We’ve all fallen in love with a straight friend at one point or another. But what do you do when that “straight” friend falls in love… with you? That’s what happened to a Reddit user who came to ask for advice.

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My Straight Friend is falling in love with me
Photo: Deposit Photos – FxQuadro

“I’ve been friends with this guy who we’ll call Chad for going on 3 years”, he writes. “We’re part of a semi-large group of friends, and I immediately took a liking to Chad. Cute, few years younger than me, etc. Chad was straight though. No problem, moving on with life.”

Then, however, the two started getting closer. “As time went on we got closer. Occasionally we skyped and just would talk about everything and everyone. We had a lot in common and I started to fall for the guy, despite my sincerest efforts not to.”

At this point, the writer decided to tell Chad how he felt about him. “He didn’t reject me. He basically gave me a bullshit answer”. But from there, it started getting even more complicated – and even sexual: “One night he got really drunk while I was at work, and he starts sexting me out of the blue. I went with it. Was pretty interesting. We did it again the following night….while he was drunk.”

“My feelings got the best of me, and eventually he ended up getting a girlfriend. It was hard, but I let it all go. But he was still a great guy so we were ok. He’s still with this girl but they don’t really act like a couple. Hell he gives me more attention than he gives his girlfriend.”

And then – the twist happens

About a week ago he skypes me. I was expecting the usual banter, but this night he admitted that he had feelings for me. I always suspected based on how he acted around me, but this caught me by surprise.

He said he’d always known but he had some time to think about it lately and wanted me to know. Before he ended the call he made sure to let me know everything he said was genuine, bid me goodnight and said ‘I love you‘.

And no, this time he wasn’t drunk.

This threw the emotions that I had been trying to lay to rest into chaos. I never let him go, and now I’m trying to not make a mountain of a mole hill here. That night before he hung up he asked if we could talk about it again, and I said yes. That was a week and a half ago. Since then it’s been business as usual.

Now I’m kinda stuck and not quite sure what to do. Any advice?

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