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Grindr hookups can be a lot of fun, and they can also be somewhat of a disaster, or just unpleasant. And when you’re new to the whole thing, it can get even worse…

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Which is what happened to this guy on Reddit, whose first ever hookup ended up ruining the guy’s confidence.

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“Just came out of the closet”, he writes. “Always told I’m good looking. Decided to put myself out there and try Grindr. I get lots of messages on the app, but I had a guy come over today.”

And that’s when things started going downhill – fast.

“I started blowing him, then after a while he starts looking at me and tells me ‘I think I’m going to go’. He was hard and everything.


That rejection hurt. Now I feel ugly (even though I’ve never been called that). Why would a guy suddenly just want to end sex, especially when his dick is hard?”

Most of the commenters were suggesting the guy might have done something the other guy didn’t like. But one commenter offered some sound advice:

“Don’t lose confidence, that kind of rejection will happen from time to time, especially since you’re new to hookups.

It has happened to me more than a few times and the reasons were anything from it not feeling good for the other person, to them being in the closet, married, in a relationship and not wanting to lose their load (saving it for their partner) :O.

The reason could be anything and it might have been nothing to do with you personally.

The only thing you can do is view it as a learning experience and keep trying.”

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