Hookups can be fun – no obligations, you’re there just for one thing, and it’s quick and easy. But what do you when you realise – mid-session – that you don’t want to be there? That’s what happened to this guy on Reddit, who lost interest halfway through.

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“So I usually don’t like to meet guys off grindr“, he writes, “but I was super horny and it had been a while so I caved in and I met this guy for a hookup.”

From there, things got complicated:

When I got to his place, I thought he wasn’t as good looking as he was in his picture but I was still pretty horny so I went for it anyway.

We started doing it and a few minutes in I just looked at him and I thought to myself “What am I doing? Eww” And I just totally lost it.

I tried to get myself back in the mood and keep going but I just couldn’t, I was really really turned off even though the guy kept trying as he was super into it.

It got super awkward after and all I could think to myself was how I could leave ASAP.

My question is, has anyone ever gone for a hookup and then halfway through it lose all interest even though you were kinda into it at first?

The commenters have offered some advice and similar stories:

It definitely happened to me – you just have to figure out what kills your buzz and what does it for you. Is it all hookups, or just certain types?

I met a guy a few months back who was super into the sub thing. I thought it would be fun to try it out, so I went along with it. Turns out – I didn’t mind that, but I also NEEDED some kind of sense of intimacy – kissing, joking around – before going into it. Otherwise, it felt gross.

And also –

Thinking back on my past, I can’t help but think this is not all that uncommon and yes, your libido will surely return.

For what seems to be a select few of us, sex is most fulfilling when you have a vested interest in both parties having a great time instead of just worrying about you.

For me, this has traditionally happened with two of my bibros and guys I seriously wanted to date. I was never all that into hooking up with a random but the few times I tried and had to bail due to lack of interest/connection only confirmed for me I should never do that again.

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