Safe sex on hookups is very important. But what do you do when the top promises safe sex – and then tries to trick you out of it? For this guy on Reddit, this has happened more than once.

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Men having sex with condom

“Three times now, I’ve had guys off Grindr seem to be okay when I go to put a condom on them”, he writes. “We get through the insertion, and a few minutes in when we switch positions the condom magically appears on the bedside table or nightstand or in the trash receptacle…”

On one occasion, the top was particularly blatant:

With the third guy, I finally caught the sound of the latex slipping off, and managed to peek over after a few seconds and see the condom sitting there.

I immediately slid out from under him, and didn’t really know how to react. I ended up finishing him in my mouth, but he kept pleading to let him stick it in me again.

His response when I said that he took the condom off was “well just put a new one on me”. I felt like stopping the entire encounter right there and saying “I don’t know wtf kind of skanky shit you got going on down there, and it’s clear if I put it on you it’s going to end up in the trash without my consent, so how about no.”

Is this normal? What is the reasonable reaction when a guy does this? 

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