When relationships end, it’s never easy. But sometimes they end badly – and one of the sides might seek “revenge” on the other one – which can become a real problem.

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That’s what happened to this guy on Reddit, who started getting angry men at his front door, expecting a hookup. The guilty party? His angry ex.

Man standing at the door
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“For the past few days”, he writes, “I’ve gotten several angry men at my apt building telling me to open the front door and buzz them in.”

Strange men at his door? He quickly found out the reason.

“Apparently they were expecting to hookup. I can understand why they would be pissed since they spent the time and money to travel to my place.

I asked the few that were calm enough to talk to me if they had any screenshots of the conversations but apparently the person who they were talking to blocked them/deleted the account as soon as they reached my apt building which erases their conversation.

One of them talked to “catfish me” through Grindr and another through Scruff I think.

I have such a strong feeling that it was my ex who I haven’t talked to in a month but I have no real proof. I moved on very quickly post breakup and it’s not my fault if you’re hurt by that. Literally no one else has reason to do this to me.

My roommate is pissed as shit and we are already on not great terms. What can I do?”

The commenters urged him to contact the apps, and even the police – but with some more evidence first.

“Create a new account on both apps. Look for the picture of you so that you can report the profile. The next time someone calm comes by, ask for details about the profile so that you can track it down.

Also contact the apps. But they’re not going to be able to help you if you don’t have any info about the profile.”