Breaking up is hard to do, as the song goes, even though sometimes it’s a fact of life. But timing is everything, and is a mutual vacation really the best of times for that?

And it gets worse, when you only SUSPECT you’re about to get dumped… and then find out the truth.

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When this guy on Reddit went on vacation together with his boyfriend, he started getting suspicions that his boyfriend was about to break up with him.

“We are on vacation with his friends and he is acting really distant. He sits across the room, won’t hold my hand for longer than a few seconds and has avoided kissing me the whole time and he pulls away when we cuddle.

We’ve only been together for a bit over two months so I’m not too upset about losing out on this relationship but I’m stuck here till Sunday.

We went with his friends on a cruise around the painted rocks. Met more of his friends and are just all hanging out together now. He was flirting with me a bit but still pulled away the one time I tried to grab his hand. I’ll talk with him when we’re alone in a few hours.”

A few hours later, the guy was back with a sad update – his suspicions were correct. Sort of.

Well I was wrong. He broke up with me during our vacation. I asked him if anything’s wrong and he said yes but we’ll talk about it later.

I pushed the issue and found out he was planning to break up with me on the last day of our vacation…yay

The commenters were quite annoyed with the boyfriend – who breaks up with someone DURING their vacation?

Damn that sucks. I’d say enjoy the rest of your vacation but least try to squeeze out whatever’s fun from the place you’re vacationing. Then you can sulk when you get home.

Wtf? What kind of guy does that during a vacation? In what way does it make anything better?

I knew someone who did this! His theory was that a fun vacation would soften the blow of the breakup. He was genuinely surprised when this ruined the vacation.

And one commenter, just suggested the ultimate “revenge”: