It sounds like a scene right out of a porn movie – but when it happens in real life, it can actually be kind of gross – which is what happened to this guy on Reddit, whose friend decided to have (gay) sex on their shared bed. While they were BOTH on it.

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Lying in bed with eyes closed

We are on vacation and are basically sleeping on a king sized bed and they’re right besides me having sex in several positions, moaning etc.

I can hear the pounding and the noises and see it all even though the lights were off… was reflection from street light into our hotel room. They were literally 5 inches away from me, my friend right next to me with his legs in the air. UGH.

Who does this? Is this normal in the gay world? How should I approach this when he wakes up? I am so grossed out and want to go home! Have completely lost respect for him.

Some of the Redditors were shocked, some wondered why he didn’t join in, and one noticed this:

“They were literally 5 inches away …”

*Sips tea*

I will not make a dick joke, for I am an adult. Repeat 3x