Tops, bottoms… for some it’s just a sexual preference, some are OK with being versatile, but for this guy on Reddit – it became the thing that ended his relationship.

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Two straight men


An so he writes:

My boyfriend of about a month just told me he feels like he is dating one of his own (bottom) and that I should act more top and straight because that’s how tops should be.

He then proceeds to tell me to watch how other tops act and I should be the same way.

I am so furious right now, I am offended too that he wants me to change for him, he could have just told me he doesn’t like the way I carry myself before we dated and then we could have gone our separate ways.

I just told him goodnight coz I don’t really wanna talk to him right now, but I don’t know what the next step is, I feel like if I carry on with the relationship I won’t be comfortable in my own skin anymore around him and that’s not what I want or who I am. 

Later, the guy came back with an update – the two broke up:

So today I called him over, he definitely knew that something was wrong but I don’t think he realized the extent of what he had said to me.

I sat him down and told him my concerns and the reason why I broke up with him.

He then told me that he wasn’t trying to change me but he only wanted me to be more of a straight acting top and that he doesn’t feel like that’s enough to break up with me and that maybe I have been looking for a reason to break up with him, I told him that’s not the case and I wished him well/

I feel much better because I was starting to think that maybe I was the one with issues here but it clearly is my ex boyfriend with the issues. I really feel happy now.