Gay, straight, bisexual, queer – there’s an ongoing debate about the need for labels, but wherever you stand, those labels sometimes lead to the weirdest situations – like this guy, who wants to keep having sex with a man – but says he’s in no way gay or bi.

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This happened to this guy on Reddit,  who was shocked when his boyfriend suddenly told him that he’s actually straight – after seven months together. But he wants them to keep on having sex. Wait, what?

“Boyfriend came out as straight and basically apologised for leading me on”, he writes “and says I’m more like a mate to him and that he doesn’t have romantic feelings towards me, only sexual ones.”

But it gets even more confusing:

“He said we can remain Friends-With-Benefits. I don’t know because I don’t want to lose him as a boyfriend or a friend.

When we met we clicked so well together like I had known him for years. We laugh together, go out a lot, we have a healthy sex life at least 4 times a week. He wants to remain fwbs but wants to bring girls home too.

We are flatmates and I won’t be able handle him bringing girls home, I would feel so hurt.

He said he isn’t bi at all. He doesn’t have the same romantic feelings he has for guys as he has for girls.

I feel so confused about the past few months but so much of it fits into place now. He is purely a top, never called me petnames and was just less affectionate than previous boyfriends but I liked that. I loved that he was so himself.”