Sometimes, in front of attractive people, you do the dumbest things without even thinking. And sometimes, your mother is standing right there to embarrass you to no end.

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Two friends in the gym
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This happened to this guy on Reddit, who went grocery shopping with his mom, when he saw a handsome guy. So far, a common story. But then…

“I ended up cat-calling a rather attractive guy in the middle of a store, with my mom, while grocery shopping.

To be fair, we both noticed him, but I noticed that he had a nice ass and without thinking I said ‘DAMN, thick AF!‘.

Both the man and my mom heard me. I practically froze to death in the middle of the aisle, realized what I had said, and died.

To make it worse, my lovely mother told the man I was too young for him. And they both awkwardly laughed.”

Some of the commenters had similar stories of dumb things that happened to them in front of attractive guys:

I was very drunk, in the closet for about 20 more minutes when I told a very attractive straight guy at a house party that if he needed anything I could help him out *winkwink*.

He’s like no thanks man, I’m ok… I’m straight. He then proceeded to tell all my friends and I cried myself to sleep on the kitchen floor.

And another one…

“One time I was AT a gay bar with a friend and some of his friends. We had a couple of beers by this point, and my friend and I (both eager bottoms) were tittering over this hot-average guy.

Feeling uninhibited I went over to the guy and actually said: “My friend and I agree that neither of us would kick you out of bed unless it was to fuck on the floor!”

The poor guy (and his fag hag) didn’t know what to say and I just retreated away.”

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