Picture this: mom is having a birthday celebration with her extended family, she happily opens a gift box from her son, only to find… a large number of sex toys, including butt plugs, dildos and anal beads. OOPS…But the attached note was even worse.

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Shocked man

That’s what happened to this guy on Reddit, who was actually trying to prank his friend – the two like sending each other embarrassing gifts – when the prank went all wrong, and his mother ended up getting a box of sex toys.

“A few days ago there was a package for me delivered in my workplace”, he writes. “And it was this huge, black dildo. I was forced to open it in front of my co-workers and was left red in the face, he got me. So I figured I’d one-up him.”

And that’s when everything started going wrong…

“I went home and I ordered a bunch of sex toys. Dildos, butt plugs, anal beads, lubricants, you know, what every other 23-year-old male would do.

My plan was to send these to him for his birthday. I knew that he’d be with his family and I hoped that he’d open them while he is around them. I put the sex toys in a box, I gift wrapped it and I am done.

Here is where my fuck up begins. My friend’s birthday and my mom’s birthday fall on the same day. I wanted to make something nice for her, so I put a little gift for her as well. So yesterday I went to mail the two packages, but I was in a lot of hurry so I write down the two addresses and I am on my way to work.

I guess you can kinda see where this is heading. Today, I am about to go into a meeting with my boss and before I go in, my phone rings and it’s my mom. She says that a package has arrived for her and I tell her it’s from me and it’s for her birthday.

I hang up on her and go into the meeting. About 15 to 20 minutes later, I come out of the room, check my phone and there are at least 10 missed calls from my mom, five from my dad and a couple of missed calls from various relatives.

I call my mom, she doesn’t answer and I try my dad. He picks up and he starts laughing. He tells me that my mom is furious but he had a good chuckle. He tells me that while the family (a bunch of my relatives came today to celebrate my mom’s birthday) had lunch today, a package arrived.

My mom opens it and starts pulling out random sex toys. Dildos, butt plugs, anal beads, lubricants. All of my relatives are speechless and my mom is embarrassed af.

What makes this even worse is the note that I wrote to my friend. It said, and I quote, “Put them to good use. I know you will enjoy them, you slt! Happy birthday, btch” which my mom read.”

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