We occasionally hear stories about men who get in trouble by sliding certain things into their butts – so much so, that an orange might not sound that weird.

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But for this guy, it wasn’t sexual at all – yet it ended in a very painful way…

Man holding an orange
Illustrative Photo

This happened to this guy on Reddit, who somehow thought pushing an unpeeled orange up his ass would be healthy for him.

“I read a post on some homeopathic website that oranges are really rich in Vitamin C”, he writes, “and that they give you tons of energy and make your face glow.

“The website said to order Vitamin C capsules. From what I learned in my Pharmacology class, Suppositories enter into the system a lot cleaner and faster than soft gel capsules. Suppositories aren’t really bad and the don’t hurt me, so I decided to give it a shot.”

And that’s when things went terribly wrong…

“I grabbed a medium-sized tangerine, and I peeled it and made it as clean as possible. I then lubed up the tangerine and relaxed my sphincter.

After I insert the orange into my anus, I just waited for 10 mins for it to diffuse into the tissue. Then I feel like going to the bathroom really bad so I clenched up. BIG MISTAKE.

Soon after this, the orange literally exploded, and gushed all over inside me, and it started burning really badly. I freak the fuck out, and painfully sprint to the toilet trying to hold everything inside me.

As soon as I reach the toilet, I proceed to shit literally all of it out of my ass. It was like shitting acid.

Everything was so watery and it burned really badly, and it felt like someone was starting a fire inside me.

After I finish, I lay in bed and everything starts swelling and I’m currently unable to even sit straight.”

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