It’s impressive, the things men will do for some good grooming these days. Sometimes, however, things end badly – as was the case for this poor man on Reddit, whose waxing session took a quick turn for the worse.

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Shirtless man in a towel

“So last night I was bored”, he writes, “and I decided to get my wife’s waxing stuff and try my luck at waxing my ass crack, because, let me tell you it’s a fucking jungle down there”.

So far – commendable. But that’s when things started to go crazy:

I’ve never waxed before and I didn’t bother looking up how to do it because who needs directions. I plugged the machine in and it took forever to heat up.

When it was finally ready I took one of those sticks and just went to fucking town on my ass crack and my gooch. I knew basically how this works so I opened the drawer to get a wax strip out… and there were none left.

I tried everything as a substitute, I was freaking out, so I used: a shirt (which now has ass hair on it), an ace bandage, duct tape… After about 30 minutes the wax was dry and my ass was completely stuck together and I had made little to no progress so I had to do the unthinkable…

Rip off all the hair out by hand.

For what felt like forever I sat in the shower ripping hair out of my ass crack with only my bare hands which also had wax all over them and were now completely covered with ass hair.

This has to be the worst experience of my entire life and I’m never trying to wax again.