Most of you are already familiar with Davey Wavey’s hilarious (and often shirtless) shenanigans. But in South Korea, he’s not as popular – so how did a bunch of high school students react to his 5-year-old video, Things Not To Ask A Gay Guy?

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South Koreans react to Davey Wavey
Photo: YouTube


The guys over at YouTube channel “Quaile Brothers” film South Korean reactions to various western phenomenons. In this case, they have taken upon themselves to introduce Davey’s video to South Korean teenagers, who are unfamiliar with Davey – AND, it would seem, with gay guys in general.

Some of their more memorable quotes:

  • “Why is he naked?”
  • “Gay people just have different favorites”
  • “It’s natural that men love each other. It’s just differences”
  • “Why does he take his clothes off while shooting?”

Watch the entire video right here: