It’s no secret that the people behind Riverdale know exactly how to please us – showing KJ Apa without his clothes, and a lot of it. But the latest episode (Episode 8 of Season 2) was a real treat, with numerous scenes of KJ putting that incredible body on display.

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KJ Apa episode 8 mirror
Photo: The CW

Riverdale is the CW TV show based on the Archie Comics series, with New Zealand-born hottie KJ Apa in the lead role, as Archie, and his incredible abs.

Season 2 already gave us some wonderful views, such as KJ in the shower, but Episode 8 is probably the best so far, in showing us a shirtless, pantsless KJ over and over again (amidst the gang chasing a serial killer… it’s hard to follow the plot with such views.)

KJ Apa episode 8 guitar
Photo: The CW

Riverdale is available on The CW in the US, and Netflix over the rest of the world.

Netflix recently announced the purchase of a Riverdale sister-series, based on Sabrina The Teenage Witch. Hopefully, it’ll have some hot guys as well.

KJ Apa riverdale in bed