While we’ve been busy discussing Jon Snow‘s fate on Game of Thrones, Kit Harington’s been busy taking most of his clothes off on the theater stage in London, on a new production of Doctor Faustus by The Jamie Lloyd Company.

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Kit Harington Doctor Faustus
Photo: Marc Brenner

Doctor Faustus tells the story of a man (Harington) who sells his soul to the devil, in return for the ability to do anything he pleases with the power of black magic.

Faustus becomes a world-renowned magician, international heart-throb (sounds familiar?) and friend of the rich, famous and powerful – but it all comes at a terrible price.

The show can be seen on the West End’s Duke of York’s Theatre, and contains strong language and nudity (more, please!).




You can see Kit and the rest of the cast and crew talk about the play right here:

h/t: Gay Times Magazine