Hold the presses, Justin Bieber’s got a new tattoo! OK, so that’s not a rare occurrence for the 23-year-old singer, as his body is pretty covered up with tattoos. But any excuse to stare at a shirtless Bieber, in bed of all places, is a good one.

Justin Bieber lion tattoo

A few months ago, Bieber lifted his shirt on stage to show his perfect abs his latest tattoo (back then) – a writing that says “Son of God”. Today, Bieber took a shirtless selfie in bed, to shower another new tattoo – a lion across his pec.

The lion joins another recent tattoo – an eagle across his stomach. And there’s a bear… and a cross, and the aforementioned “Son of God”… what will we get next? And WHERE?

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Fans who were staring at the photo (for some reason), also noticed the copy of Sausage Party right behind him, so he possibly had a fun sausage-watching evening.

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And if you happen the miss Justin’s OTHER side – a few days ago he also posted THIS on his Instagram account: