Jeremy Jordan, the 32-year-old actor who portrays Winslow “Winn” Schott on The CW’s Supergirl, says he almost died this week, allegedly after eating at “Chipotle”.

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Jeremy Jordan Supergirl
Photo: The CW

Jeremy Jordan, who’s been on Supergirl since its first season, published an Instagram story from his hospital bed, on Thursday night, as People reports. Looking pale and in pain, Jeremy claimed all this happened after eating at Mexican food chain “Chipotle”.

“I know I’ve advocated for them in the past, but they’re terrible. I, as you can see, am in the hospital and I have fluids in my arm because the food did not agree with me and I almost died.

“I just want to thank my wife for being amazing and talking me off the ledge when I was on the phone about to die and Chris Wood [Fellow Supergirl actor, who plays Mon-El] for holding my hair back metaphorically. I love all of you.”

In a statement to People, Chipotle said “We are sorry to hear that Jeremy is sick and have attempted to get in touch with him directly regarding where and when he ate so we can look into this. We take all claims seriously, but at this time we can’t confirm any link to Chipotle.”

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