James McAvoy who you probably know from the newer X-Men films as well as the recent Split, has been sporting a shaved head for a while, to go along with his roles.

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But as it turns out, his head isn’t the only part of himself that he shaved, and his private parts saw a razor as well at one time – which led to an embarrassing encounter…

James McAvoy
Photo: Deposit Photos / S_Bukley

James, the 38-year-old actor, was on The Late Show with Stephen Colbertt this week. Seeing his shaved head, Colbertt just had to ask – “Does the carpet match the lack of drapes?”

That’s when James recalled a surprising story from his past – when he did indeed try to shave his crotch.

“I did once try to shave down there when I was young. And I used my granddad’s razor. I stopped halfway through, ‘This isn’t working for me’, and I went upstairs when I get this voice – ‘James…can you come downstairs and have a chat?’

And my grandparents were like – is something going on? Show us your wrists. We’ve just seen your granddad’s razor and it’s got blood in it, and there’s blood in the toilet…

And I was like… ‘I was shaving my balls!'”

Watch it right here: