Christian Slater and James Franco are doing the rounds these days, promoting their new “King Cobra” film. As part of that, Franco opened up about what it was like to film his gay love scenes – and about his co-star Keegan Allen‘s… bulge.

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King Cobra Keegan Allen and James Franco

Slater and Franco were both guests on the “Today” show, where they talked about the newly released porn bio-pic, King Cobra, which tells the real life story of porn star Brent Corrigan, and the murder of porn producer Brian Kocis,  by two rival porn actors/producers, Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes (James Franco and Keegan Allen).

Franco talked about his kissing and sex scenes, and exposed some interesting details about Allen:

I’m going to bust him a little bit.. Keegan stuffed his speedos so big. Everybody that came on set was like… “WHAT?!”, Look in the movie, he’s got the biggest bulge.

And I know for a fact he stuffed it, because when you do nude scenes as a male, they’ll give you a sock to keep your modesty. I asked for my sock when we were doing the nude scene, and they said “No – Keegan took ALL of them”. Not just one, but ALL OF THEM and used them all at once.

Watch the rest of the interview right here: