We all have that one high school friend that we had a crush on – or were even in love with. In most cases, unfortunately, that guy happened to be straight… But sometimes, dreams DO come true, even if happens after graduation. Better late than never…

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This sweet story happened to this guy on Reddit, who got to fulfill the dream of so many of us… and it’s wonderful.

“For upwards of two years”, he writes, “It felt like I was in love with him (high school senior year & freshman year of college). To me, he was the nicest, most fucking handsome man alive.

“After struggling and realizing I had no chance, I distanced myself from him. Eventually, as all crushes that you lose contact with go, my feelings for him subsided. Yes, I would still smile when seeing him around, but I had moved on.”

So far – a familiar story. But that’s when things changed.

Cue last weekend. We’ve both graduated, him moving out west, me staying to work locally. He was in town visiting family, but went out for a night with the boys.

After hitting a couple of restaurants and bars, we were all feeling good and tipsy. We’d been talking a lot throughout the night, and to be honest it felt so nice, I remembered why I crushed on him for so long. He was still the same beautiful, caring individual I had known four years ago.

Then, while walking to one of the clubs in town, I mustered up the balls to tell him (in a joking, alcohol induced way) that I had the most enormous crush on him for so long, and it made me very happy to see that he’s doing well.

Then, bam, he tells me to sit down and let’s chat. A different friend had come to join our convo but my crush told him to give us some privacy. I’m not exactly sure what happened, but we ended up leaving our group of friends and walking around for the better part of an hour.

He told me he had always thought of me as such an amazing person, how he was scared, how he didn’t know what he was feeling.

At some point, we started holding hands and we kissed.

So fucking help me god, that kiss was the thing of fucking gay ass movies and magic ponies and fairy-tales. I’ve never felt anything like it. The relief after so long of longing for him, I made it. It was truly a thing of magic.
Eventually we headed back up and met our friends and he left to go sleep.

I feel so fucking gay, I love it, I live for it. I know I’m not a poet with my words, but holy FUCK I love being gay. You can’t tell me anything this rewarding and special can happen to straight people. It’s so distinctly gay and oh HONEY it’s awesome.

We talked a bit the next day, although I didn’t mention the kissing or details about of the conversation because I was afraid of rushing into it. He left yesterday but I plan on texting him to ask what he feels. If anything I want to be his friend again.

For now, all I can do is listen to old Taylor Swift songs that take my gay ass back to high school and remember those feelings. If only high school me could see me now :’)

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