When friends and families and relationships mix together, it can all get pretty confusing. One guy on Reddit came seeking advice, after he accidentally slept with his best friend’s brother – a friend he was already having issues with.

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“When I was around thirteen years old, I made a friend who would go on to be one of my bestest friends, we’ll just call him Jared”, he writes. “I knew I was gay, but I wasn’t ready to acknowledge it at that point in my life. And growing up, we weren’t above experimenting with each other. After awhile, Jared decided he wasn’t gay. But he never told me.”

And that’s where things started to get complicated between the two:

Instead of letting me know that he didn’t want to be intimate anymore, Jared cut me out of his life with no explanation. We didn’t talk again for nearly ten years.

When I finally reached out to him, we became friends and he apologized for how he handled the situation. He was married to a woman now. I told him I was openly gay. We obviously went different paths in life.

They got separated for a while, and when he went back to her, he cut everyone else out of his life. Well about a year before that, his brother Chuck came out. I was talking to Chuck today, and he told me that Jared cut him out of his life too.

We got together over lunch and caught up, and went to the movies afterwards.

I don’t know what came over me, but I decided to put my arm around him during the movie. When we got back to my house, things… escalated quickly.

Now I’m freaking out because I don’t know if I made a big mistake. Even though Jared accepts me for who I am, and accepts his brother Chuck as well, I feel like this may be too much for my already stained friendship with Jared.

To make things worse, we both really enjoyed each other, and want to do this again. But we both agreed not to tell Jared about this. If the turns into a relationship though, I can’t keep it hidden forever.

Did I just ruin what was left of my damaged friendship with Jared?


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