We keep hearing stories about “straight” guys who experiment or just have fun with guys – because they’re curious. But this guy on Reddit says he’s not even attracted to guys – but he has sex with them anyway, because… he likes the intimacy.

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“I’m not physically attracted to guys”, he writes, “But hook up with them because they are easier to have casual sex and I love intimacy.”

And he explains further:

Even though I only see myself with a woman, I’ve hooked up with way more men just because I love the intimacy and because it’s so much easier.

Whenever I get the urge for some intimacy or just plain sex I’ll arrange to meet with a guy or just go to a bathhouse in order to hook up.

I have no intentions of dating or many times I don’t even really care what the guy looks like as long as he is clean and respectful.

If I was only gay it might be easier but I prefer women more than I ever do a man

Will he “find out” one day that he is, actually, gay? Or maybe bisexual? Or is it possible to have casual sex – with men in this case – just because it’s… easy?

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