Some gay men keep chasing bigger and better hookups, looking for the best-looking man they can find. But for some, there’s such a thing as too good-looking, too flawless. Which is why this guy broke off a great relationship.

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This all happened to this guy on Reddit, who found an amazing guy, the first one who ever topped him – and then they broke up. Because he wanted someone more… average.

“I recently broke things off with my friend-with-benefits”, he writes, “because having sex with him made me feel self-conscious.”

And he explains:

“I should have been very pleased but everytime we were together I was hyper-aware of every flaw on my body.

From the small bulge in my stomach I can’t get to completely disappear, to the hyperpigmentation on my legs from when I fucked up epilating and got some in-grown hairs.

I felt so ugly next to him I couldn’t understand how he possibly found me attractive. He wanted us to be exclusive but I felt like he could do so much better than me.

I feel conflicted because I did like him. He started our relationship and seemed drawn to me from the beginning.

We texted back and forth for a long time before meeting. He bought us tea the first time we met.

He was so handsome and sweet that after we finished, I immediately took him back to my place, tore his clothes off, got on my knees and gave it up. He was the first guy I let fuck me.

I guess the “It’s not you, it’s me,” excuse works here? I seem to feel better meeting guys with more flaws. I like average to slightly chubby guys who aren’t as primmed as my fwb, and are more modestly endowed. I feel valuable with them.”