Oleksandr Kalinovskyi (who sometimes goes by Alex) is probably the hottest thing you’ll see today. And speaking of hot, it must be steaming where he lives, because he’s usually shirtless (or more) – which is good news for us, of course.

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Oleksandr is a popular model and Instagrammer, who is into fitness – and it shows – especially when he gets those amazing abs and muscles all wet…

1. Wet Wet Wet

2. Acupuncture might help you look like THAT

3. Holistic underwear

4. A Cover he did for Desnudo Homme

5. Fun in the Sun



6. It’s always summer time


7. People who eat Pizza… CAN look like that


8. After Shower Picture

9. Rear View


10. “Natural Body”

11. Wet again

12. “What’s for dinner?”

13. Over and Out


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