Say what you will about Grindr, it’s a useful place for casual hookups. However… it’s also a place for embarrassing errors, all sorts of catfishing, and sometimes – deliberate setups and ‘hoaxes’.

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And that’s what happened to this guy on Reddit, who thought he would end up with a nice hookup – but ended up with, well, nothing but an embarrassment.

“This guy texted me this morning”, he writes, “and wanted to hookup and we exchanged pictures, had similarities in sexual desires , etc.”

They agreed to meet – and that’s when things started to go wrong.

“He said he can host at a hotel and gave me the address (also sent me his location through the app!).

The hotel was only a couple of miles away so I showered and got ready. We were to meet at 2pm and I headed over around 1:45pm. Got there and messaged him again.

He told me to find the room and I did. Then he said just to knock and he’ll open it so I did that.

AND this random guy opens the door and I had to tell him that I have the wrong room. It was so awkward I FELT SO FUCKING STUPID AND EMBARRASSED!

This guy was literally spoofing his location, made me go to a random hotel room and wasted so much of my time. He blocked me when I asked him again if I had the wrong room number.

This is just plain fucking stupid, I also have a feeling it might’ve been my ex just to get back at me.”

One commenter wondered whether this was a classic catfish who used a different picture – but apparently not:

“No, the guy that answered the door was actually confused and it seemed like he was in the middle of doing something. He had no idea who I was, at least that’s what it felt like.”

Better be careful out there…

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