YouTuber Joey Gentile has a history of strange sexual things happening to him in cars – there was that time an Uber driver tried to have sex with him, and now… he got into an accident with a rental car – and the guy who hit him, entered the car and asked him out on a date…

Joey Gentile car
Photo: Instagram

Joey Gentile is a popular,  24-year-old YouTuber and Instagrammer who often shares the weird things that happen to him.

Two weeks ago, while he was driving a brand new rental car in California, somebody hit his car. That somebody turned out to be REALLY cute – AND gay – AND he wanted a date…

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“I was driving in the parking lot and this kid backed out and hit my car”, Joey begins the story in his latest video. “I didn’t know what to do…”

We both got out, checked the damage…

We just exchanged our insurance information and he gave me his number… then he called his mom… she came over and she was very nice.

The, the mom said – “So maybe you guys can form a friendship over this!”

And he said – “Yeah mom, we’re both gay, so we like each other…”

And I’m like… WHAT?

He leaves, and I’m just staying there in shock… I know it’s obvious that I’m gay, but it’s weird that people assume.

Then, the guy texted me again, saying he’s coming back: “I just wanted to let you know that I’m happy I hit a really attractive gay guy… and I think you’re cute.”

He came back, got in my car and just sat down and talked to me. We ended up talking for an hour.

The next day… the cops arrived at Joey’s house.

Watch the full video right here: