British reality TV star, Gary ‘Gaz’ Beadle, knows the best way to grab our attention – post a throw back photo of him and fellow star Scotty “Turbo” T running around stark naked.

But there was one question on everyone’s mind, over at Instagram – what are we to learn from this photo about the two boys’…sizes?

Gaz Beadle and Scotty T
Photo: Instagram

Gaz and Scotty both starred in Geordie Shore, a British version of MTV’s reality series Jersey Shore – and the UK version puts the American version to shame, as its cast members are mostly busy having sex.

29-year-old Gaz Beadle went on to star in similar reality shows, while Scotty T’s claim to fame was the nickname he had for his penis – “Turbo Dick.”

In light of that nickname, once Gaz posted the throwback photo today (which was taken in Australia a few years ago), fans were wondering how is it that Gaz needs TWO hands to cover his… intimate parts, while Scotty apparently needs only one.

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