Let’s face it – we’ve all seen straight porn at one point or another. Either by curiosity, or with some straight friends in high-school, or for any number of reasons… But looking for it purposefully?

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Gay YouTuber Dominic Whelton decided to take the plunge for all of us, and sample some straight porn in front of the camera. It wasn’t easy. “Oh my god! They literally took a pineapple… and then cut half of the outer shell off, and…”

Dominic Whelton watches straight porn
Photo: YouTube

24-year-old Dominic Whelton is a handsome YouTuber who’s been posting videos for several years now.

“I was out with some straight friends”, he explains in his latest video, “and they were talking about the type of porn they watch, and they were talking about some things that just didn’t make sense to me…”

So he decided to see what it’s like – and, for the first time since high-school, Dominic entered “straight porn” in Google, to see what comes up…

Dominic’s face started getting red pretty quickly. “Some of this stuff is like in another language… sexual terms I don’t understand…”

Then, he decides to test the theory that with straight porn you can just type ANYTHING and get a video. So he types… “Pineapple.”

“Oh my god! No!”

Watch it (The reaction, not the pineapple video!) right here: