We all have different tastes – but some NO-NOs are pretty common. The gay men of Reddit were asked – what’s your biggest physical deal breaker with a guy? These were the most popular answers:

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1. Hygiene. “If someone smells, it’s a no-go (though sweaty from the gym is allowed)”

Young man sniffing his armpit - deposit

2. Bad teeth. “I have terrible teeth. Everyone in my family does. Guys have dumped me because of them.”

Young man brushing his teeth - deposit

3. Smokers. “I don’t like the smell on your breath, clothes, car, etc. because it lingers on your body.”

Man smoking

4. Being Fat. “There’s enough obesity and diabetes running in my family, I don’t need to worry about another one who’s unwilling to take better care of himself, and it’s just not attractive.”

A gay bear

5. Being too skinny. “I’m really into stocky guys and guys with a bit of a belly so being too skinny is a deal breaker for me.”

Skinny man

6. Long Beards. “Man invented the electric and safety razors for a reason. Those Amish beards are itchy as shit, and I don’t want to kiss that.”

A man with a long beard

7. Gay face. “I just like naturally scruffy looking guys with all of what some may see as small flaws that need to be fixed, and not the type that look like perfect plastic store mannequins.”

Young man in a suit

8. Piercings. “I hooked up with a guy who would not go near my crotch because of my Prince Albert.”

Man with nipple piercing


9. Shaved junk. “It never grows back the same, and I’m not into nuzzling sandpaper”

Young man holding a razor


10. Large tattoos. “A small one somewhere can be a nice touch, but, say, sleeve tattoos look utterly filthy. Not as in “trashy”, but as in you’d scrawled a sharpie or smeared dirt up and down your whole arm, permanently.”

Man with tattoos

And finally, there’s this…

11. Three arms would definitely be a deal breaker for me. However, if someone had two penises, I’d be interested, especially if one was cut and the other wasn’t.

Something special down there