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There are so many different stories about losing one’s virginity – for some, their first time was magical. For others, it’s something they would prefer to forget. The gay men of Reddit were asked to share their stories – and these are some of the best.

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1. The Straight Dream

You straight buddy from work wants to hang out

I was in love with my “straight” best friend and ended up telling him how I felt. He slept in my bed 3 nights a week so I thought he might feel the same way.

Me telling him that just made him extremely uncomfortable because he said he isn’t gay, so our friendship died quickly.

A year later he hit me up for drinks at his place to catch up. We ended up play wrestling a bit, which I was pretty into. At some point he pinned me down, we locked eyes, and he started kissing me. Went from 0-100 real quick after that. I was 21 at the time.

2. Married with children

Gay Couple

I was age 31, married with children. I had not had explicit sexual thoughts about men but was curious about what it was like. My brother in law, an ice hockey muscle hunk, asked me to bed when we were alone on a trip. I loved the feeling of his hard body under me as I fucked him, but it did not seem like that big a deal.

The second time we did it I was captivated. There followed two years of fucking his ass not nearly often enough. He was having affairs with two women in addition to fooling around with me. Eventually I realized that I wanted to bond with a man and celebrated 35 years with my husband in August.

3. Opened my eyes in the shower

Man drying his hair after a shower

Had a guy over when my parents were at work and I had a day off school. He was like a midget, feminine and everything in my 17-year-old head would imagine as a bottom.

He was 100% top and that made me stop being prejudicial about what sex “role” I thought a certain type of guy would be. Oh well, he fucked me in the shower. It was terrible and he had like a micro-penis and he wasn’t that great.

4. Had to pay

Two men in bed

Oral – 19 years old. And had to pay because I’m not really that good looking to be entitled to sex. I got sucked then I sucked. The earlier seemed so good, but later, nah. I kept on salivating for hours on end. Anal – Two years later. Paid again, like USD 19 equivalent. It’s like he was the man of my dreams.

5. Movie night

Man at the movie theatre

15, in a movie theater. It was a lunchtime indie movie on a Wednesday before Thanksgiving. We were gonna make out anyways, but when no one else came into the theater, we just threw caution to the wind. It wasn’t anal, it was oral, but I consider that losing my virginity kind of?

6. Congratulations!

Students with bags in locker room
Illustrative Photo

Three weeks ago to the day. At uni, some guy just lives in some halls opposite mine, talked for a bit on grindr first. Afterwards went over to his, cuddled and kissed a bit, then we sucked each other, then I topped him for like 10 mins. Was an alright time..

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