1. Alberto & Matteo – Italy

Matteo from Italy thought he was coming to a work conference with his parents. But then, he was surprised with a bunch of dancing friends and this year’s proposal anthem – Bruno Mars’ “Marry You”.

2. Tyson’s Poolside Proposal

Daniel from Australia was surprised at the pool (therefore – he’s shirtless), when all his friends and family suddenly appeared. Then, his boyfriend arrived…

3. Michael & Michael – “Fairy Tale” Proposal With A Twist

Michael Rachlis planned a surprise marriage proposal to his boyfriend of 3 years, Michael Feldman, during the curtain call of Feldman’s comedy show “Fairy Tale Theatre: 18 & Over”. It’s sweet and funny – and there’s even a surprise twist at the end…

4. Mark and Yuval’s Street Dancing Proposal

The latest flash-mob proposal that made us cry, which was first featured on GayBuzzer and blew up to marvelous international success. The fact that Mark seems so out of his everyday-life’s comfort zone, along with Yuval’s reactions, make this a truly emotional ride.

5. Gary and Karl’s Country-Style Proposal

No Bruno Mars in this one! This is what it looks like when two cowboys decide to get married… and it’s beautiful.

6. The Comic-Con Proposal Featuring Wil Wheaton

During a San Diego Comic Con panel for the web series “Con Man”, in front of a big crowd and with Wil Wheaton on the panel, makeup artist Barry decided to surprise his boyfriend, visual effects artist Billy.

7. Spencer and Dustin’s Home Depot Proposal

One of the most famous proposals out there (They even appeared on “Ellen” after the video went viral), this one makes me cry every time. Dustin arrived at the Home Depot in Salt Lake City thinking he was there to help his roommate pick out some lighting. What he found waiting for him was something else entirely…

8. Peter’s British Proposal

Everything sounds a bit more serious when you add a British accent. Yet this proposal is just as emotional, with two very sweet guys.

9. The Flash Mob Minion Proposal

These days, if you see people dancing in the street, you should start looking around for a ring. But why would you suspect anything, if your boyfriend’s not even around? Oh, he might be hiding inside a Minion costume…

10. Thomas and Edgar’s Workplace Proposal

Edgar works for Unilever in the Netherlands. When his boyfriend Thomas decided to propose, he enlisted the help of Edgar’s co-workers – and the result is beautiful.

11. Proposal At the Kylie Minogue concert

An audience of thousands, including Kylie Minogue and the guy’s mother – what more could someone ask for during a proposal?

12. Harry and Lance’s Red Balloon Proposal

A beautiful flash mob in NYC, and Lance’s reaction at the end is one of the funniest – and most adorable – we’ve seen.

Mr man Taron