Most people have heard of Insomnia and Sleep Walking – sleeping disorders in which sleeping individuals perform acts, such as walking, without remembering them in the morning. A rare subset of that of that disorder is Sexsomnia, also known as “Sleep Sex.”

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And late in his life, this guy on Reddit found out he has it – after hearing about it from his concerned boyfriend.

Man sleeping in bed
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Sexomnia is a rare condition in which a sleeping individual will try to engage in sexual activities, while remaining asleep. Naturally, it can be quite surprising to find out you have it…

Apparently my boyfriend who I just started living with, has told me that so far three times in the past month I have tried to initiate sex during random times at night usually around 3am.

I can’t remember at all this ever happening and I apparently try to initiate some heavy kissing and fondling but just fall right back to sleep after he pushes me away.

He has told me that this has happened before we started living but only a few times here and there in the two years since we started dating.

I feel like I have some vague memories of this happening once a few months ago but this was after heavy drinking.

Some of the commenters were actually familiar with the disorder, having experienced it themselves.

It has happened to me only two times in my life, that I know of. Once, years ago in 2009 when I woke up in the morning I got praised by my ex about our amazing sex we had last night. I honestly thought that he imagined it. Until last year when I tried it again but I was so out of it that my boyfriend said I was rubbing his dick like I was using sandpaper on wood!

And another one:

My boyfriend does it pretty often. He is not very much interested in having sex during daytime but often in his sleep he is trying to jack me off or make me fuck him. I know he’s not trying to pretend to be sleeping because he will NOT let me fuck him without douching first.

I have been frustrated a few times when he starts this, I get up to pee, come back and he wakes up a little and is like, “Hell no.” and just wants to sleep. It’s like I need to have a bucket, lube, and condoms right next to the bed at all times if I wanna sneak in some sex. (I asked his consent to do that next time it happens.)