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You can say a lot about 26-year-old Garrett Clayton – that his body is amazing, that he looks great, that he’s a talented actor… But – that he “looks old”? And if that’s not enough – he was mistaken for Zac Efron…

But that’s exactly what one Twitter user said after seeing a photo of Garrett with a fan. And he had the perfect explanation for her.

Garrett Clayton on boat
Photo: Instagram

Garrett Clayton, The former Disney star who we saw last year as gay porn star Brent Corrigan in King Cobra took part in the “Los Angeles AIDS Walk” this week, where a young fan took a photo with him.

That fan sent the photo to her sister, excited about her meeting with Garrett. At that point, her sister mistook him for… Zac Efron. Ouch:

Then, another Twitter user replied, asking – “Y does he look so old?”

Well – Garrett saw that, and had an answer that explains everything.

“Because I’m bloated and decided to eat an entire giant bag of Halloween candy last night. #Living.”

Sounds about right!

Here are some more photos of Garrett at the AIDS Walks:

And another photo of Garrett looking old (just kidding…) –