For someone who looks like Shawn Mendes, with those pecs and abs and everything, there sure aren’t a lot of photos of the popular singer at the gym.

But now… rejoice! A fan who spotted Shawn working out took a video of him, and we’re as thrilled as he is.

Shawn Mendes
Photo: YouTube

Twitter user Thilina Wijewardana from New Zealand spotted the 19-year-old superstar at his gym, and started #fangirling immediately (as would we).

While there’s no shortage of shirtless snaps of Shawn out there, he rarely posts gym pictures, so we’re happy to stare at this video.

Unfortunately, instead of working those muscles, Shawn seems to be resting. Or meditating. Or just sitting on the rowing machine for no good reason. But we’re not complaining…

Being braver than us, Thilina went on to ask Shawn for a selfie, which he got, and it’s adorable:

Keep your eyes open at your local gym. Who knows, the hunk next to you might be an international superstar.