Sure, NOW they’re famous – but when these gay YouTubers started – they were young and… innocent? (well, at least some of them were). In fact, some of them weren’t even out of the closet yet. So let’s go down the memory lane, and see what they looked like back then.

1. Tyler Oakley – October, 2007

Current Subscribers Count: 7,912,624

Long before the book, and the documentary, and the TV appearances – Tyler Oakley was an 18-year-old kid who was already making funny faces at the camera while talking about serious issues. (This video was actually his 8th, but is the first “public” one – he privatized the earlier ones)

2. Davey Wavey – June, 2007

Current Subscribers Count: 972,220

Seems like even back then he didn’t own a shirt. (Though these days he sometimes prefers being completely naked).

3. Troye Sivan – November, 2007

Current Subscribers Count: 3,832,348

Troye was 13 (!) back then, and already singing and on his way to becoming a YouTube star. His coming out video came many years later.

4. Connor Franta – September 2010

Current Subscribers Count: 5,227,363

These days he has a clothing line, a lifestyle brand, and lots and lots of fans. Back in 2010, he was a boy pretending to be Harry Potter. (Though it seems there were a few earlier videos, that have since been privatized).

5. Joey Graceffa – June 2007 / May 2010

This was his first video on the channel WinterSpringPro, which he did with his high school classmate in 2007:

And this was the first video on his own channel, when he was 18:

Current Subscribers Count: 5,618,030

So young and innocent at 18 – he even started the video with a kitten! (Turns out he had 5 back then…)

6. Tom Daley – August 2010

Current Subscribers Count: 211,986

The sweet (and presently hot!) Olympic diver was just 16 when this video was filmed. And already he was showing us how he does sports! If you want to hear some of his adorable accent, check out this early video from 2011:


7. Nicholas Laws (AKA Nickalaws)- October 2013

Current Subscribers Count: 579,191

This was the first video on his personal channel – and it’s fun to remember how his FIRST video there was actually his coming out story (though the bullying part is heart breaking).

8. MarkE Miller – November 2012

Current Subscribers Count: 550,971

Just like Nickalaws, MarkE’s first personal video is his coming out story. That’s brave!

9. Matthew Lush (AKA GayGod) – April 2006

Current Subscribers Count: 919,372

Matthew’s YouTube channel has been an emotional roller coaster over the years. But it all started with this cute little dance video, filmed with his friend Alyssa. Those days of blurry videos and fluffy hair…

10. Todrick Hall – January 2008

Current Subscribers Count: 1,979,180

Before American Idol, before his documentary series on MTV, and long before the almost-2-million YouTube fans, the 23-year-old Todrick was already singing on camera.

11. Lucas Cruikshank –  June 2006 / January 2009

Current Subscribers Count: 1,615,075

The first video on his PERSONAL channel was this one, from 2009:

Yet even before that, Lucas – who later became famous for creating the character Fred Figglehorn (an annoying six-year-old boy), had videos up on his family’s YouTube channel. See him here, when he was only 13:



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